UNB Rock and Ice

Summer Hours

Just a reminder that we are operating under summer hours :

Tuesday 6-8
Wednesday 6-8
Thursday 6-8
Friday 6-8
Family Night: Sunday 4-6

What is more, we will most likely close the wall from August 15- September 1 in order to replace panels. Stay tuned for more development.

Annual General Meeting & Elections – Wed, April 15, 7:00 PM @ The Climbing Wall

Next Wednesday we will be holding the clubs AGM. We will be going over what has happened over the past year and what is in store for the summer. We will also be discussing our summer hours as well as looking for monitors to fill those slots.

This is the perfect time for your voice to be heard. As a member of the exec, we do our best to ensure our members get the best possible experience with the club. This means your feedback is an integral part of what our future holds.

We will also be holding elections for the executive for the upcoming year. All positions are up for grabs, if you think your ideas will help the club progress don’t be shy to put your name out there. All voting is anonymous.

The positions are as follows:

President – The face of the club. This person runs any executive meetings and is there to make sure the club stays on track. If there is any slack in the line, he/she is the first person to pick it up.

VP Internal – It is this persons job to organize volunteers throughout the year. Whether it is for nightly monitors or stripping holds it is your role to make sure there are enough people to get the job done. It is also your job to make sure once people have signed up for something they follow through. You will also be managing the key list throughout the year.

VP External – Event organization is the name of the game. Your role is to make sure the club has all sorts of fun activities to do throughout the year. From club movie nights to our biggest fund raiser, the Banff Mountain Film Festival. You will be the clubs liaison between any personnel outside of the club related to these events.

Treasurer – It is your role to keep track of the clubs funds in an organized manor. You will also be drawing up year end reports both for the club and URec.

Secretary – It is your role to make sure everything stays organized. You will be in charge of taking down minutes for the meetings to ensure everyone is aware and reminded of what was said and what they agreed to.

No matter your role with the executive you will be given one vote on issues the club is dealing with so your voice will always be heard. Remember as a member of the executive you represent your members, so if you plan on taking one of these be sure you are willing to commit your time and energy to help next year be even more successful than the last.

If you want more information on any of these roles feel free to speak with the member currently filling that role as they can give you the most incite as to what is expected.


The Exec

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