UNB Rock and Ice


Coming back in September!

Are you new to climbing and tired of all those hard gym crankers who think they’re super cool clogging up your beginner routes? Perhaps you’ve been around for awhile, but still haven’t nabbed the ascent of that super sweet intermediate route without doing a desperate grab of that oh so tempting fat jug just off route. Maybe you’re just new in town and want some simple instruction and meet some fellow groovy beginners.If that’s you, then come out to Beginner’s Hour!¬†Free for Members!

Every week the club sets aside an hour for beginner climbers to have the wall to themselves. This is your time to meet fellow beginners and to get simple instruction from the monitor should you want it. Feel free to practice your climber’s lingo, too!

To clarify, there is nothing to sign up for, just show up and crank!¬†Beginner’s Hour also floods over into Open Climb, so if you show up late or an hour isn’t long enough for you, then keep climbing! And yes, we have shoes you can rent for $2.