Banff Festival Film List

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is just around the corner (January 31 and February 1).  As mentioned in this space before, we’re hosting it at the Fredericton Playhouse this year and ticket sales are picking up now that we’re into the new year.  To get you excited here’s the short list of films that we’re going to show each night.  It’s not the full list (we want to keep some of the short films a surprise) but if you can only make it to one night of films you can use this list and trailers here to help choose a night.

Friday, January 31st highlight films: “North of the Sun”, “Push It”, “Stream of Consequence” and “Keeper of the Mountains” plus 4 other surprise short films.

Saturday, February 1st highlight films: “The Last Great Climb”, “Stand”, “Sufferfest”, “The Last Ice Merchant” plus 6 other short films.

Tickets are $15/night and can be purchased online at (online ticket fees extra) or purchased in person at the Playhouse box office downtown (686 Queen Street, Fredericton).

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Banff Mountain Film Festival

This year we decided to go big with Banff Mountain Film Festival in honour of our 20th year hosting this amazing tour.  This year we’ve moved to the lush confines of the Playhouse in downtown Fredericton for our two night film showing.  Tickets are $15/night and can be purchased online at (online ticket fees extra) or purchased in person at the Playhouse box office downtown (686 Queen Street, Fredericton).

For more information about the tour itself check out For those of you who might only be able to make it for one night, keep an eye on this space where we’ll post the list of films we’re showing each night ASAP.

Access Issues

Access is always an issue for outdoor climbing.

For a number of years now UNB Rock and Ice has maintained an agreement with CFB Gagetown, allowing climbers affiliated with the club access to crags on base land. These include Cochrane Lane, Sunnyside, Mount Doug, and Bald Peak. We would like to keep that affiliation going on good terms. Please be respectful of the rules in place when climbing at these crags. Below is what is you are responsible of when you use CFB Gagetown land:

General Public:
The general public must procure a day pass to enter any “Base” property, including the Cochrane Lane cliffs area for climbing purposes. This may be done in person, at Camp Petersville on the Enniskillen Road (located 10min. before Welsford coming from Fredericton towards Saint John). For more information call CFB Gagetown at 506-422-2000.

UNB Rock and Ice Members:
Any UNB Rock and Ice Member or “Group” under the auspicious of UNB Rock and Ice Club shall telephone 506-422-3121, prior to climbing. The ranger on duty should ask you for your names, purpose of visit and to call out at the end of your stay. If you forget the phone number, it is posted at the entrance to the farmer’s field. It is not required to stop and procure a day pass to the site, but you must display your UNB Rock and Ice membership card on your dashboard, name side up, in a visible spot.

So come down to the wall and renew your UNB Rock and Ice membership to get your card. Please do this prior to September 20th, so we can send the member list to CFB Gagetown. When you purchase your membership, be sure to sign up on our membership database as well as the URec Fusion database (this makes our club look better in the eyes of URec, so do that here please).

Bottom line is: Please be respectful of the land you are climbing on, and the people who let you climb there. We work hard to maintain this privilege for you to enjoy.

AGM 2013

Hey gang!

Great turnout last night. Good to see both new and returning faces. For those who couldn’t make it, we have a few new things running this year as well as some classics:

1. Membership cards are new this year. Come sign up for your membership, get a card, throw the card on your dashboard when you are climbing on CFB Gagetown land. Check our website for more details.
2. BMFF! At the Playhouse this year! Woot!
3. Rock School! See poster below.
4. Reel Rock 8 (Oct 25th)
5. Halloween comp (Oct 26th)
6. Route setting clinic/comp (week after Halloween comp)
7. Women’s hour returns (Wednesdays 5-6)
8. NEW Beginners’ hour (Tuesdays 5-6)
9. Family night (Saturdays 4-6)

Keep up to date with club news and events here or on the fb page (
Any questions, comments, or ideas to make the club better send them our way at

Climb on!
-The Exec

Memberships for 2013

It’s time to renew your UNB Rock and Ice Climbing Club membership!

Outdoor climbers, be sure to come by the climbing wall located in the Lady Beaverbrook Gym by Friday, September 20 at the latest to sign the CFB Gagetown waiver and receive your club ID card. This is a new measure, and, as of September 21, club members must display the card in vehicles parked at trailheads on CFB Gagetown land.

It’s also time to renew your Urec memberships at the Currie Centre:

The club will be welcoming members all year long, but why wait to join?